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     War Last Chaos is a project that brings together two worlds, two large regions of Eurasia, a project in which the concept of the game itself and its mechanics were completely revised, almost everything was removed and made from scratch. No more exorbitant levels, instant recovery of skills, dull content. We made a "Three worlds" system, where there is one General server and two Regional ones.

     General server is all in-game events place: Sieges, Colosseum, Cube, King of the arena, World bosses. It is on the General server that players from two regions meet, for trade, friendship and wars, as well as here the General world rating. Regional servers are small local worlds for each region, with their own Rating.The regional server can only be accessed by users of this region, the entrance is not available to another region players.

     Moreover we removed all the standard quests and made our own, completely new quest chain, which accompanies you from level one throughout the entire game, introduces you to the content and gives you nice bonuses! Just enter the game and speak with Guardian of the Circle.

Server Statistics
Daily online: 299

Online: 122

Daily online: 220

Online: 87

Daily online: 79

Online: 35

Castle Owners
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2022-01-29 20:00:00
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2022-01-28 20:00:00
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2022-01-30 20:00:00